Action Plan

Ready to get your own Kindle book working for you and your business on Amazon? Here’s a very simple action plan you can put to work immediately. If you need anything clarified or have any questions, please do contact me. Onward!

  • icon-ideaHere’s basically where you figure out the answer to this question: What’s the book all about? It’s super important, obviously. You of course want to offer and deliver information your readers (your business leads!) will value and desire. Here’s great news for you, though: Coming up with a good book concept isn’t that difficult. Particularly when you realize and take into consideration that what I’m talking about are “books” of just around 5,000 words!

    Sure, 5,000 words are nothing to sneeze at — approximately a really large and meaty magazine feature or article series — but that word count’s far from the practical hurdle of the typical 70,000-100,000 words or so recommended minimum for a traditional non-fiction book!

    Can you sense the incredible possibilities now? You can reap the full benefits of authoring and publishing your own book for significantly far less time, effort and cost!

    Again, coming up with good easily doable book concepts is fairly easy. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already come up with one or more title ideas as you read this. But even if this is a rusty gear for you, this is actually something I am quite good at. I can definitely show you a few techniques that will help open those idea floodgates for you, so much so that you’ll have a much harder time trying to close them!

  • icon editThis next step isn’t tricky at all: Write the book. And it has to be a polished, professional job. The book is your sales representative, after all, standing in and speaking for you … as far as your reader (prospect!) is concerned, that book IS you!

    Poor writing (or even just ho-hum stuff), typos and errors, faulty formatting … all that counts against you and your business, and all so easily avoided!

    Now that’s not to say that you can’t write it yourself! You know your own abilities and time limitations. Whatever you decide to do, just like any other business decision, you’ll want to make the smartest choice for you and your business.

  • icon art paletteEven though your Kindle book is obviously digital, you’ll need a “book cover.” A good one. Even if you write your book yourself, unless you’re a graphic designer, I strongly urge you get a professional to do your cover design.

    Interestingly enough, this is more important with a Kindle book than a traditional one! Think about it: The Web is a visual medium. That pretty much says it all.

    Keep this in mind, though: You’re not trying to win design awards with that cover! So no need to go overboard, The objective is to look the part — look legitimate, respectable, solid and pro. An amateur job feels like an amateur job, and that’s a feeling you most certainly do not want to communicate instantly to your prospects.

    Do your business a favor and get a pro to do it.

  • icon accountWith your book all ready and set to be made available to the world full of your new clients/customers, it’s time to do the administrative stuff: set up an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account — fill out the forms and applications, dot those i’s and cross those t’s. Although slightly detailed, as these things usually are, it’s all pretty straightforward.

    There is an extra promotional aspect to it, however, that is often overlooked: free promotional tools provided by Amazon. Such as Author Central, which lets you create and have some control over the content of your Amazon Author Page (home of your Amazon business presence!). You’ll want to learn about, use and take advantage of as many of these as you can.

  • icon presentationNow it’s time to submit and put your Kindle book up for sale on Amazon!

    You’ll want to put a considerable amount of thought and preparation into this stage. Submitting and getting your book accepted by Amazon is just part of it, a part that’s pretty much a non-issue anyway if you did steps #1 and #2 above properly. But this is also the stage where you’ll be setting up your Kindle book’s actual Amazon sales page, so you’ll want to do a bang up job with that description (sales copy!) to talk up your book … and your business, of course!

    This is also the stage where you make a bunch of important marketing decisions and choices — product categories, search keywords, etc. — that will likely affect and influence your product’s reach on the site independent of your direct promotional activities. So, again, this stage is due a respectable amount of consideration on your part to help you and your business maximize the benefits received from having an actual product up and selling on Amazon!

  • icon announceNow for the fun part: trying to get your Kindle book into as many hands as possible! Or maybe just known by as many people as you can get to know that you have an honest-to-goodness book published, up and selling on Amazon! (Think about it: That may very well be the objective for your business with this exercise!)

    There are literally TONS of things you can do and try, from simple announcements and press releases to promotional websites and lead generators (because, if you haven’t realized it yet, what you now have here with an actual Amazon Kindle book, is one whopper of a lead magnet for your business!).

    Just like I’m pretty darned good at coming up with ideas for books, I’m also good and experienced at using these incredible assets to your promotional business benefit. I can most certainly advise you and even work on various related business-building techniques and projects you can put to work.

    Have fun!

Yes, I’m ready to have my own Kindle book working for my business and me on Amazon!