woman-done-for-you2b“Done for You” Kindle Book Service – Full

Have an honest-to-goodness Kindle book published and selling on Amazon — with you as the officially credited author — professionally created and produced for far less than you think! Arming yourself with this incredible marketing tool and lead magnet will likely be one of the best investments you’ll ever make for your business!

My full “Done for You” Kindle Book Service includes:

Ghostwriting – 5,000 words

I will write a full Kindle book manuscript for you, at least 5,000 words in length, based on your notes and research. Also, if you need it, this also includes consultation/brainstorming with me beforehand by email to work on your book concept, title, content plans and ideas, etc. (I will, of course, also include light research and fact-checking as needed at no extra charge.)

Book Cover Design

cov-wppeepsI will design your Kindle book’s cover. A good professional cover is critical. I’ve included this as part of the service package so you don’t have to worry about it, or worse, make do with some amateur home-brewed cover “design” like so many unfortunately misguided first-time indie authors attempt. One less major thing for you to worry about!

Kindle Formatting and Preparation

I will prepare and professionally format your book’s finalized manuscript, getting it ready for sale on the Amazon site and ready, of course, for your end readers! A poorly-formatted “product” will not only not be of any help to you and your business’ perception, it can damage it. My formatting and preparation services will help ensure that your Kindle book will be received by its target audience in the best light possible. (I will also generate an Adobe Acrobat PDF edition of your book for distribution elsewhere, such as your own website.)

Amazon Set Up

amazon-browser3If needed, I will help create and set up your Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account, and properly set up your Kindle book’s product sales page and its supporting pages (such as your author page). This includes crafting an effective product description

Ideas, Tips and Other “Insider” Support

And here’s a benefit available only to existing clients and customers!

book-1773756_1280Want ideas for what book you can actually “write” and publish for your business? Or even books, a whole series of them? Want tips on consistent sources for these ideas, whatever the industry? Or ways to easily turn your book into a powerful lead magnet, attracting and bringing in a steady stream of prospects, clients and customers? Or maybe you could use some technical ideas and pointers on building a website that captures, serves and manages the influx of traffic your Kindle book lead magnet attracts?

wp-insiderAs a client, you’ll become what I call a Wordpreneur Insider, and have access to resources (sites, downloads, etc.) I provide and make available only to clients and customers. Not to mention unlimited email access for one-to-one consultations with me on ways to get you and your business ahead and booming with modern-day digital and Internet publishing/marketing resources and ideas!

No Better Time Than Now!

Enough chit-chat. Let’s get to work on your project and get your very own custom Kindle book up and working for you on Amazon ASAP!

Before you proceed, look right. You’ll want to know this info.

Note that the average fee is for writing only.

Got it? OK, now keep that in mind for how much I’m charging for my full “Done for You” Kindle Book Service, with every feature, service and item listed above. And it most certainly is not the industry average …

FYI: Industry Average Ghostwriting Fee

Nonfiction Book

$10,444 / book

RANGE: (low $5,000 – high $21,000)
SOURCE: Writers-Editors Network member survey



love-serviceI Love This Service, and Why You Will Too!

Thanks to the new product and market dynamics Amazon has given us with its Kindle technology, I realized I can now help you gain all the powerful marketing and PR benefits of your own custom book (you don’t need to have a Kindle to read a Kindle book!), without the traditional daunting cost. In fact, I figured there’s no reason I can’t do give this to you for the price of a freelance article of only 35¢/word!

And, I figure. to make it a total no-brainer, since I’m an all-in-one kind of guy, I decided to throw in what you’ll need to make it totally done for you, turnkey, worry-free package, included in the price that a freelance writer would charge just for writing the article.

You read that right: For the price of a freelance-written article, I’ll create and give you your very own custom Kindle book, complete and selling on Amazon!

Price: $1,750 * BLACK FRIDAY SALE: As low as $950 !!

black-friday-tagIn the spirit of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or whatever end-of-November weekday sale is in effect, I’m dropping my price for a limited time, giving you a chance get your very own custom Amazon book completely done for you for one killer price!

LIMITED TIME: Sale ends Friday, December 2. But please note: This sale could end at any time, since it’s a service. If my plate gets too full to serve existing customers within a reasonable amount of time, I’ll need to end the sale. If you can see this, the sale’s still on! So lock your book project up now at a really great price while you still can!

Black Friday Sale Options



Full Prepaid

One full payment at start

You save: $800



Two Payments

$550 to start
+$550 on delivery

You save: $650



Three Payments

$420 to start
+$420 midpoint
+$410 on delivery

You save: $500


Use the simple form below to order your custom Amazon Kindle book now, and we’ll get started immediately! Payment via Paypal. (You do not need a Paypal account! They accept major credit/debit cards as well.)

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